Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now the Dog is Neurotic???

Now that there is a new baby in the house is your pet suffering from the shock of no longer being the 'baby of the house'??

Ours is... It's not really "our" dog, it's my daughter's dog. I'm now enjoying the fact that I AM the extended family!

I didn't have an extended family when I had kids, my parents split up when I was a pre teen, Dad moved to one coast, Mom moved to the other side of the planet, literally!

So back to the dog being second fiddle, what am I doing about it?

Dogs can not have two masters I'm told. My son in law is the master of his castle, I'm just the 'extended family' part of the system. I provide the day care!

I do know that dogs need a regular schedule that they can adjust to... and the dog is being forced to adjust to the new baby.

More coming... it really does look like I'm going to have to create my posts piecemeal, write a bit, change a diaper, pull the baby away from what she's getting into


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