Friday, November 21, 2008

Back in MY day... Dr Brown's baby bottles?

I'm loving life... I get to take care of my precious grand baby and I do NOT have to deal with any of the downside of being a parent.

When I was a young parent we didn't have all the fancy time saving gadgetry that my grand daughter has at her beck and call:

Hi tech baby bottles 1

Back in My Day, the tried and true baby bottle, you know, the one that when baby was finished eating you had to burp them?, the old standby had a single challenger:

The Playtex whatever they called it, it had a plastic bag inside the bottle, the theory being that the breast milk being inside the bag would tend to cut down on baby swallowing air, hence need to burp.

My daughter has found these gizzmo baby bottles and they work better than the Playtex thingies from 25 years ago:

Dr. Brown's baby bottle system... ok so THAT'S what we did wrong in the 80's... we failed to comprehend that what we NEEDED was a 'system'...

Ok,I get it now:

Hi tech bottles 3

Hi tech bottles 5

Hi tech bottles 6

For the rest of these pics you can just go here (on Yahoo's Flickr)

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