Friday, June 19, 2009

SAHGD -Stay At Home Grand Dad

Stay at Home Grand Daddy

In another life I run an internet marketing business, this is what allows me to be the a full time day care for my Grand Daughter. I watch my Grandbaby during the day and do my local search engine consulting business at night. In posting to various online forums I've seen this abreviation: SAHM which means "Stay At Home Mom"

...It just occured to me that I'm a Stay At Home Granddad.

Here's an article from a child care blog I follow:

3 Year Old acting out - I had a miscarriage about 2 weeks ago, and it has been very hard on me physically (I tried the pills, didn't work, ended up in hospital for a D&C), so I have not been able to play as much with my son. He goes to daycare full-time, and has been getting into trouble almost 3 times a week the last two weeks. He has been hitting, biting, throwing food, etc. He has never had any behavior issues until now. I know that it is the miscarriage and my health that is affecting him. My question is, how do we fix this? His teachers know what is going on and are being lenient with him, but this bad behavior is getting out of control! We do take things away when he is bad, such as no TV on the days he gets in trouble, or we take away a favorite toy and give it back when he has a great day. I am feeling better and returned to work today, so I know that will help him, but what do we do? Thank you in advance for your advice!
A little about me: I have a three year old son who keeps me on my toes! My husband and I are both in the Navy and stay very busy between my son and two great danes! I also love to scrapbook and recently became a consultant for Close To My Heart.

Imagination of my child
I have been having some really large concerns in regards to my 5 year old son. Let me start by saying he has a very strict education regimen and cartoons, other than educational are pretty much a no in my house. However, I do allow him to watch some Disney shows. His TV time a day is limited to about 1.5 hrs.

He is a very intelligent (he reads and makes good grades), active and imaginative child that comes from to parents that are extremely self assured and thought he instilled those same values in him as far as self esteem. He on the other hand doubts his intelligences and presence.

I do not know if I am worrying about something simple but it seems to me that he masks himself behind character reenactments. His imagination takes him to other levels. Especially around new people or when he fears or when he is in shy mode. He is obsessed with any character that he finds interesting. He learns about these characters through other kids at school.

He often ignores the fact that he is a little boy. He greets people in monster voices and ECT... I am not sure what to do but his teacher and I are both concerned. Per her he chooses not to interact in regular conversations with other children and when he does, its way off base and totally of the wall.

I am really concerned about him. He also chooses to play with children that are a year or two younger than him rather than other five year olds. I am not sure what is going on. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what is going on?

A little about me: working married mother of one child


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