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The Dreaded Terrible Twos

How to Deal With the Terrible Twos

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By Kristal Blanford

When a child reaches around 2 years old they will feel like they need to become independent. This means that they will test you to see how far they can get with you, and they will also try to start making their own choices and doing things on their own. Two year olds are also very curious and will tend to get into things they are not supposed to just so they can cure their curiosity. Try to understand as a parent that this is perfectly normal behaviour for a two year old.

Step 1

When dealing toddler terrible twos, have a regular routine. Breakfast, Playtime, Lunch, Naptime, etc. and try to stick as close to the same times everyday.

Step 2

Offer your toddler choices. For example ask them, “Do you want milk or juice?” and do not ask them “What do you want to drink.” If you give them a choice it makes them feel like they are being independent and they are less likely to change their mind.

Step 3

For discipline measures, start using time outs for your terrible two toddler. If they throw a tantrum give them a hug and tell them “That’s enough.” If they throw an even bigger fit then you should give them a time out. Pick them up and sit them in a chair and tell them “Stop crying and you can get up.” If you think your toddler may not understand time outs, you can sit them on the couch and ignore their crying. Make it a point to wonder off and do something else. Do not give them attention for bad behavior when dealing with toddler terrible twos.

Step 4

Make sure your child has a safe enviroment that is childproof to play and explore in. If your child gets into things she isn’t supposed to but she doesn’t know any better yet, tell her not to do it and put those items away where she cannot reach them. Remember, it is normal for your child to be very curious at this age.

Step 5

Be very direct and understandable with your words. A two year old will not understand “The oven is on and it will burn you really bad if you touch it.” Especially a child in their terrible twos. But they will understand, “No no, oven hot, you’ll get a boo boo.” Keep your answers and requests as simple and easy as you can.

Step 6

Make sure your toddler is getting enough sleep. Some toddlers still need naps at the age of 2, although naptime can be a difficult task, it is important for your child to get enough sleep during the toddler terrible twos.

Step 7

Do not show any emotional responses when dealing with your toddler. If you cry in front of them, get super angry, scream, or throw something, your toddler will do the same thing even more and that is the behavior that you are trying to end.

Step 8

If you are in a public place, remove the child and take them into the restroom or a quiet room and have them calm down and understand what is expected of them before returning to the previous area. If you need to discipline your child, always do it in a private area.

Step 9

If your child continues to fuss and misbehave, you must ignore the fussing and discipline the bad behaviour. Be consistent when dealing with toddler terrible twos. In the end, always tell your child you love them and give them a hug, even if they are still in a screaming fit. Stay calm.

Step 10

Keep your stress under control by talking to friends or family, venting in your diary, or stepping outside for a breath of fresh air while someone else takes over so you can take a break.

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